One Must Not Move Quiet (EP)


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the band broke up in october of 2009.
in the summer of 2011 brandon and bob got together and slowly started writing some new tfa songs (none of which are on this). it was decided at some point that we should, for fun i guess, get everyone who was available to come out for a day and record. the catch was that nothing would be pre-written. so on october 8th 2011 this ep (which we will designate it as such despite it being as long as our “proper” records) was written (we’ll use that term loosely, it was almost entirely improvised) and recorded. after that day in october andy took the raw session tapes and spent 9 months editing, mixing, and having various overdubs recorded.
this is the result, the sound of the band cleaning off the cobwebs.

all of it recorded on tim’s computer (as well as a little bit on cassette 4-track) at boxfortknox, sycamore illinois. these sessions were then mixed/edited by andy on his computer (and probably a cassette 4-track at some point) down at the thousand year picnic.

aspatore, bob: electric guitar, overzealous ‘space echo’ usage
ellison, ryan: viola de gamba
green, ryan: drums, analog synth, keyboard, bells
herald, andy: electric guitar, drums, toy piano, various organs, bass
herald, joe: dobro
kim, paul: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass
walker, tim: electric guitar, lap steel
welch, brandon: bass, trumpet, electric guitar, loops
wenzel, matt: electric guitar and slide guitarthe whole thing was written and recorded by tfa on october 8th 2011 (and various random points after that for overdubs in spring of 2012).artwork by tfa with gracious formatting assistance for the cassette version by linley aspatore.