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1. kulblixtar    4:08
2. pwdre ser    3:19
3. i am the secret fire   10:44
4. the name of this city is Habitation    7:28
5. aspatoria (the aspatorian frequency)    2:50
6. dB    8:24
7. the lonesome hanging of jeb walker    7:57


recorded, mixed and mastered by the band between april 7th and july 7th 2007 at the 7th street space in dekalb illinois. it was recorded on an 8-track tascam 388 reel-to-reel machine then dumped into and mixed in the digital realm of ghostly waveforms.
tracks 1,2,4,5,& 7 were mixed by andy.
tracks 3 & 6 were mixed by tim.

released 31 July 2007

aldis, ben: drums, percussion, glockenspiel, vibes, cymbals, whirring cameras, broken sticks, “attack”.
aspatore, bob: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, too many pedals, very old pump organ, cymbals, fist, hospital bed, the aspatorian frequency.
herald, andy: electric guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, very old pump organ, wurlitzer bass pedals, dying hammond organ w/ magic leslie, KORG synth, harmonica, glass slide, bass, loose snare. two years ago andy left bob’s ebow in phoenix while we were on tour, now he uses tim’s.
walker, tim: electric guitar, lap steel, banjo, distort-o jaw harp, various synths, rusty spring, tape running out with beautiful results.
welch, brandon: bass, trumpets, trombone, KORG synth, acoustic guitar, garbage can, temper temper temper.

all songs written by tfa. “i am the secret fire” & “dB” written in the fall of 2006, played to death live in the spring of 2007 then recorded. all of the other tracks were improvised on april 7th, then hacked apart and overdubbed over the following months to make them into “songs”.