Things Falling Apart

Things Falling Apart: the sound of old tube amps humming like angels, buzzing helicopter tremolo dancing with rickety strings, drifting analog delay, and antiquated brass bursts of joy.

started in 2002 with just two of us.
two became six rather quickly.
numbers changed, people changed occasionally.
played live steadily & two west coast tours on our own.
put out four records on our own between 2002-2008.
took “a break” for a year.
played two “reunion” shows in late 2009, had nine people in the band.
“broke up” again quickly thereafter.
“reformed” in mid 2011 with just the two of us again.
two became eight (or nine, still not sure on the final count) rather quickly.
working on a lot of new stuff for 2012 (ten years on & on & on….)

Members at various points since 2002:

aspatore, bob
welch, brandon
aldis, ben
miner, chad
kundanis-grow, nat
herald, andy
kim, paul
walker, tim
wenzel, matt
hirsch, dave
sherman, nick
monaghan, dan
green, ryan


Things Falling Apart (2002)

As Above, So Below (2005)

We Carry Our Fate In Plain Sight (2006)

Disintegrating! (2007)

One Must Not Move Quiet (2012)


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