Silo and Sky Radio

Silo and Sky Radio is a new internet radio station chock-full of music from Scratch and Sniff Records, Bad Elk Records, Rugburn, Greentape and other music from DeKalb, Illinois and slightly beyond. Good Stuff. Seriously.

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Nice TFA review/history courtesy of The Siren Sound…



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Things Falling Apart’s new EP is now available

A limit number of cassettes are available from our friends over at Greentape.

Or a digital download is available from Bandcamp.


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New Digital Download Prices

Fingers Lift downloads are free for What Never Kills Me and Places We Broke Into EP.

Things Falling Apart downloads (except for the new EP) are “name your price”.

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Things Falling Apart @ Grimesfest 2012 in Madison, Wi.

This was TFA’s first show in 3 years. Lineup for this set (from right to left): tim walker, ryan green, brandon welch, ben aldis, matt wenzel, bob aspatore.

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TFA news you can use.

Things Falling Apart are play a couple shows in the very near future…

Saturday July 28th 2012 @ Grimesfest in Madison, WI. 


Friday August 17th 2012 @ The Project Lounge in Madison, WI.

Click on the links for more details. They take you to Facebook. And everyone loves Facebook. Clink that thing that says you are going …and then actually go.


Also…Andy has finished the mixes for the new TFA EP called King Cornish. They sound great. He did and unbelievable job. The EP will be coming out on Greentape at some point in the near future.


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Fingers Lift’s new EP has been released into the wild.

Fingers Lift’s Places We’ve Broken Into is now out and available for you to have your very own copy. And it is only 1 dollar! Right now it is available only as a digital download but we will be making a small run of CDs in the future. If you wanna take a listen click the play button on the right ————->

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We have new items!

TFA’s first album from 2002. Only 30 were originally made so if you didn’t get your copy then you were out of luck. But now we have a digital download available on Bandcamp. Only $2. Yes, just 2 stinking dollars. No excuses people.

Also we have a beautiful TFA As Above, So Below poster. 28 x 22 inches. Hand silkscreened with silver ink on blue paperboard. $10. Get it in the Bad Elk Store.

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Social media domination begins now.

We have a Facebook page and a Twitter…thing. Label/band updates. News you can use. Tall tales. Recipes. Dating advice. Our thoughts on agent-based computational economics. Cats.



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Things Falling Apart has been busy lately.

TFA recently recorded a bunch of new material for an EP that will be coming out soon. Andy is mixing and making sense of all the raw tracks I gave him. It’s sounding good. We’ll be doing some overdubs in the very near future. It will becoming out on cassette on Greentape. And Bad Elk will make a few CDs for those that don’t have cassette decks in their car (…me).

And also…Bob and Brandon have been working on even more material for the TFA album coming out after the EP. Busy Busy Busy. I haven’t really heard any of this new stuff yet but I’m looking forward to hearing it and adding my noisy noodlings.

Oh, and a boxset….


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